Fraxel® DUAL Treatment for Fine Lines: What to Expect

Fine lines are a common part of aging, showing up after years of squinting, frowning, and smiling. If you’re bothered by your appearance because of fine lines, minor wrinkles, or acne scars, Fraxel® DUAL laser treatments can help.

At Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics, we offer noninvasive Fraxel DUAL laser treatments to restore the youthfulness of your skin and minimize age-related lines, wrinkles, and creases.

Board-certified dermatologist David A. Bushore, MD, completes a comprehensive skin evaluation to determine if you’re a candidate for Fraxel DUAL laser treatments. He collaborates with our highly skilled aesthetic specialist on a care plan to revitalize the health of your skin.

How Fraxel DUAL laser technology works

Fraxel DUAL is a fractional laser system that delivers two wavelengths of laser energy into your skin to stimulate collagen renewal. Collagen is a basic building block of healthy skin that your body produces naturally.

When you’re young, you have large resources of collagen that keep your skin firm and vibrant. However, your body’s collagen production slows down as you get older, and without this essential protein, your skin becomes lax, and your complexion may appear uneven or discolored.

Delivering laser energy into wrinkled or lined areas of your neck, face, hands, and chest renews collagen production, so skin feels firmer and smoother. The laser energy passes through your skin without damaging surrounding tissue to enhance your skin’s overall health and appearance.

What you can expect during Fraxel DUAL laser treatments

At Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics, we offer Fraxel DUAL laser resurfacing on an outpatient basis. Treatment requires no incisions or other invasive techniques.

The laser technology corrects age-related and sun-damaged skin flaws by targeting the deep tissues beneath your skin’s surface to encourage new collagen growth. The laser treats only a fraction of tissue at one time to protect nearby healthy tissue and promote a rapid healing response.

In addition to stimulating enhanced collagen production, the Fraxel DUAL laser also supports the growth of new skin cells that replace those damaged by the sun or environmental toxins.

Treatment is typically well tolerated by patients. We can apply a topical anesthetic to keep you comfortable before delivering laser energy into the treatment area. The device also features cold air technology to keep your skin cool.

Timeline for Fraxel DUAL laser treatments

We may suggest a series of Fraxel DUAL treatments spaced four to six weeks  apart to achieve optimal results. Board-certified dermatologist David A. Bushore, MD, might recommend a series of 3-5 sessions based on the severity of your lines and wrinkles.

In between visits, you should notice your skin’s appearance improving. Wrinkles and fine lines disappear as your skin smooths out with the help of new collagen. Acne scars and areas of skin discoloration should also be less noticeable.

Fraxel DUAL laser technology offers results that can last for months or years. Dr. Bushore provides additional skin care guidance to reduce your risk for sun damage that can trigger additional discoloration and premature wrinkles and lines.

Call Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics in Austin, Texas, today to find out if you’re a candidate for treatment with the Fraxel DUAL laser or book a consultation online.

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