If you’re not ready for a surgical facelift but are interested in enhancing the natural contours of your face, it’s time to learn more about the THE AUSTIN NATURAL LIFT™, which is available exclusively at Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics in Austin, Texas.

As a board-certified dermatologist and aesthetics specialist, David A. Bushore, MD, is an expert in enhancing the looks of his patients. In this blog, he explains what’s involved in this minimally invasive procedure and some of its many benefits.


With THE AUSTIN NATURAL LIFT™ board-certified dermatologist David A. Bushore, MD, lifts the face by restoring the contours along the jawline and cheekbones. The treatment is nonsurgical, minimally invasive, and doesn’t require downtime.

To start, Dr. Bushore numbs your skin with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Then, he injects a hyaluronic acid filler into specific areas of your face. Then, using his hands, Dr. Bushore sculpts the treatment area into a more elevated position.

Treatment time for THE AUSTIN NATURAL LIFT™ typically takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the treatment area and your overall aesthetic goals. After your treatment, you can go back to your usual activities, though you may want to take it easy for the rest of the day.


Following your procedure, it’s common to have some redness and swelling in the treatment area, so you may not see the full benefit of your treatment right away. You can use ice to minimize these issues and support your healing processes.

As the swelling subsides, your face should look tighter and more youthful. Other benefits of THE AUSTIN NATURAL LIFT™ include:

The results of THE AUSTIN NATURAL LIFT™ can last for two years or longer, depending on your age, skin health, and other factors.

The advantages of THE AUSTIN NATURAL LIFT™

When you undergo a traditional facelift, you need to take time off work to recover. Furthermore, with surgery, you may not get back to your usual routine for up to a month, and you still need to keep up with several follow-up visits for suture removal and other after-care services.

This isn’t the case with THE AUSTIN NATURAL LIFT™. With this procedure, David A. Bushore, MD, uses minimally invasive techniques, so there’s no surgical cutting or stitches. And, you won’t have to worry about surrounding tissue being harmed, as can happen with traditional surgery.

Furthermore, as we already mentioned, you can go about your normal routine right after your procedure. In short, you can look years younger without all the risks of surgery.

If you want to see if THE AUSTIN NATURAL LIFT™ can help you, Dr. Bushore can evaluate your face and discuss your treatment goals. If you’re a candidate, he can develop a customized plan for your unique profile.

To learn more, call 512-459-4869 or book an appointment online with Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics today.

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