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If you’re suffering from eczema, you know it’s not always just dry, flaky skin; sometimes the itching can be almost unbearable. Dermatologist David A. Bushore, MD, addresses your eczema symptoms and reduces their frequency and severity with a range of treatments, from creams and lotions to UV phototherapy. Located in Austin, Texas, Dr. Bushore and the Balcones Dermatology and Aesthetics team offer an accommodating and friendly environment while treating all of your family’s skincare needs. Contact the office today or book your appointment online.

Eczema Q & A

What is eczema?

Eczema is a group of skin conditions that cause skin irritation or inflammation. It’s often associated with itchy skin that develops a dry, thick, or scaly rash.

An eczema rash may be any shade of red or brown. If you have darker skin, eczema can make your skin appear lighter or darker.

Eczema is common in infants and affects up to 3% of adults. While it can strike anywhere, it’s most common on the:

  • Face
  • Back of the knees
  • Wrists
  • Hands
  • Feet

What causes eczema?

The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but most dermatologists believe that it’s an overactive response to a skin irritant. Some individuals — such as those with a family history of allergies or asthma — may be more predisposed to eczema, and may experience flare-ups.

Eczema flare-ups occur under particular conditions or when you’re exposed to specific substances. This may include being too hot or too cold, or being around things like:

  • Rough fabrics
  • Soaps
  • Detergents
  • Animal dander

Upper respiratory infections and colds may also spur an eczema flare-up, and high levels of stress can make symptoms worse.

How is eczema treated?

While there is no cure for eczema, Dr. Bushore can help reduce the severity and frequency of your symptoms. Because the ultimate goal of eczema treatment is to prevent itching, which can lead to infection, Dr. Bushore may take a multidimensional approach.

He helps you discover what triggers your eczema flare-ups and develops a plan to avoid those triggers. This can be as simple as wearing easily removable layers to avoid overheating or not wearing things like wool. He may also prescribe antihistamines, especially if you have to deal with irritants like pet dander.

Dr. Bushore may also recommend using lotions and creams to keep your skin moisturized. Over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can help with the itch, and cold compresses may reduce inflammation.

In more severe cases, Dr. Bushore may prescribe a cream with corticosteroids or oral antibiotics to eliminate infections. For eczema that doesn’t respond to traditional treatments, Dr. Bushore offers Narrow Band UVB (nbUVB) Phototherapy. For best results, he typically recommends three treatments a week for two months, followed by regularly scheduled maintenance sessions.

If you’re suffering from eczema and haven’t found relief, it’s time to contact Dr. Bushore. Call Balcones Dermatology and Aesthetics for an appointment or book online today.