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Forever Young BBL™ restores a more youthful tone and texture to your skin. Our medical aesthetician, Kayla Morrison, provides Forever Young BBL at Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics in Austin, Texas, and can tailor your treatment plan to your needs. Call Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics or book a consultation online for Forever Young BBL today.

Forever Young BBL Q & A

What is Forever Young BBL?

Forever Young Broadband Light (BBL™) is an energy-based procedure that boasts significant benefits for your skin. It stimulates your skin using powerful light energy to encourage healing, collagen growth, and skin cell regeneration.

Broadband light treatments use painless quick bursts of light energy, although you might feel warmth during the treatment. You can expect each treatment to last for around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the target area.

Our Medical Aesthetician, Kayla Morrison, answers all of your questions about Forever Young BBL ahead of your treatment and can help you decide if it’s the right choice for your goals. The procedure can improve the skin on your face and body. 

What are the results of Forever Young BBL?

Forever Young BBL provides an array of benefits to improve your skin’s tone and texture. The noninvasive treatment doesn’t use any chemicals, so you don’t need to worry about skin allergies or sensitivities. By stimulating healing deep within your skin and tissues using light, you can enjoy:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Less acne
  • More elasticity
  • More firmness
  • Fewer age spots
  • More even skin tone and texture

The procedure produces long-term results with little or no downtime. With continued treatments, you can enjoy smoother, brighter, and firmer skin for years. 

How can I help my skin recover after Forever Young BBL?

Following a Forever Young BBL procedure at Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics, follow Kayla's instructions for aftercare. That ensures your skin heals with minimal side effects, like redness, after a treatment. 

After the treatment, Kayla encourages you to:

  • Avoid direct sunlight until after your skin has fully healed
  • Use a cold compress to alleviate any discomfort
  • Apply plenty of sunscreen before going outside
  • Use any suggested skin care products according to their instructions

Any side effects, like redness or swelling, should resolve within a few days. After a Forever Young BBL treatment, your freckles and other blemishes darken and fade before flaking off. That is normal and a sign that the treatment is working. 

If you have concerns about how your skin looks, don’t hesitate to call Balcones Dermatology & Aesthetics or schedule a visit online for Forever Young BBL today.