Patient Frequently Asked Questions


What is the location and hours?

Balcones Dermatology is located at 7800 N. MoPac Expwy, Ste 315. We are on the northwest corner of Spicewood Springs Rd and the MoPac Access Rd, in a three-story, gray, BB&T Bank Building (was Citi Bank).

Our hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Friday, 7:30 am – 12:00 pm. We close for lunch from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

What do I need to bring with me to my visit?

Patients must provide a valid photo ID and proof of insurance at every visit. Patients will also need to bring one of the forms of payment listed below and a list of medications they are currently taking, prescription and over-the-counter.

What is your payment policy?

Payment is expected the day services are rendered unless a payment plan is approved before the appointment. This includes any copays, coinsurances, and deductibles that are due. We accept checks, cash, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

Please note that freezing, injections, biopsies, removals, cutting, along with surgical procedures go toward deductibles when applicable. Do not hesitate to ask before approving any treatment because payment is expected at the time of the visit.

What insurances are accepted?

We participate with most insurance plans. Patients may contact their insurance carrier to see if we are listed as participating or feel free to call our office. We will do our best to assist you.

How do I access the patient demographics or update my information?

When a New Patient schedules an appointment, the scheduler will provide them with a security account code.

When a New Patient schedules an appointment, the scheduler will provide them with a security account code. On the top right-hand corner of our web page, click on “Patient Login.” Follow steps 1 -3. Please Note: Do Not click “Finalize” until all 10 questions are answered. Once finalize is clicked, the system will not allow one to change or update this section. If finalize is clicked before completing the documentation, please call our office for assistance.

For an Established Patient to update demographic information such as address, phone, and insurance information, patients can log in with their user name and password (so keep it in a safe place). However, patients cannot update medical information on the website. This is updated in our office, at each visit.

What is the policy if I arrive late for my appointment?

When scheduling an appointment, patients are given an “arrival time” and an “appointment time.” Arrival time is usually 15 minutes before the appointment. However, some cosmetic procedures may have a much earlier arrival time.

Patients must complete all paperwork, have benefits verified, and be ready to be seen by their appointment time. Patients who are not ready to be seen by their appointment time will be worked in at a later time as availability permits. The wait to be worked in can be long. So, be here at your arrival time (usually 15 minutes before your appointment time) to ensure that you will be ready on time.

What is the missed or late cancel policy?

Patients must notify us the working day before their appointment if they will not be able to keep their appointment. (I.e. The patient must notify us Friday, before 4:30 pm, if they cannot keep their appointment on Monday. Calling Friday evening after we are closed, Saturday or Sunday is not sufficient notice.) Patients who miss or cancel their appointment late, will be billed $35.00 for a routine visit and will be billed $100.00 for a procedure/surgery visit.

What is the policy for seeing minors without a parent/guardian?

The parent or guardian must accompany a minor on the first, new patient, visit. After that initial visit, the parent or guardian can provide written permission for us to see the minor unaccompanied by the parent or guardian. If a minor is accompanied by an adult other than the parent or guardian, written permission from the parent or guardian must be provided for us to see the minor. No procedures will be performed on a minor child if the parent or guardian is not present. This includes injections.

Anything else I need to know?

Please set cell phones on vibrate when coming to your appointment and hang up if you are on a call when the nurse takes you to the exam room. When taking a call in the waiting room, please be respectful of those sitting close to you.

Children under 10 years old cannot be left unattended in the waiting room. They must accompany you to the exam room if an adult is not present to supervise them.

Be sure to check in with the receptionist when first arriving for your appointment.

Our goal is to see every patient on or before their appointment time. However, urgent care issues happen and the physicians may run behind. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize if this happens during your visit. The receptionist should inform patients when a physician is running behind and give patients the option to continue waiting or to reschedule. If you wait more than 30 minutes past your appointment time without an announcement, please let the receptionist know. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do you offer financing?

ALPHAEON Credit is offered on all cosmetic procedures/treatments provided by Dr. Bushore and by the aesthetician. Visit the ALPHAEON Website for more information.


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